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Trekking In Leh Ladakh
Ladakh trekking


The fascinating mosaic created by the wondrous natural wealth of Ladakh and Zanskar offers you numerous trails that traverse this absorbing hi-altitude desert region. High mountain passes, towering barren mountain ridges, deep river valleys with yawning canyons, vast sweeping plateaux sustaining incredibly beautiful wild flowers co -existing with the normal shrub and remarkable wind sculpted rock hills make this a trekkers paradise. It is here in this captivating land that Golden Peak Adventures offers you great treks and adventures.

KE 1 : Likir 3500m / 11,480ft - Temisgam 3200m / 10,500ft : 3 Days

A two hour drive gets us to Likir on the Leh - Srinagar Highway situated on the banks of the Likir Tokpo. The trail goes through stunning moonscape, valleys and sparkling streams and crosses two passes affording excellent views of the Zanskar ranges. The trek ends at Temisgam a prosperous village with green fields and white washed houses.

KE 2 : Likir 3500m / 11,480ft - Khaltse : 6 Days

This small village on the Leh - Srinagar highway is basically an extension of the Likir- Temisgam trek with the same mesmerising landscape.

KE 3 : Lamayuru 3450m / 11.320ft to Alchi 3150m / 10,340ft over Tar La pass : 5 - 6 Days

124 Kms. west of Leh on the Leh Srinagar highway stands the dramatically located Lamayuru monastery. The trail goes along a stream below this awesome Gompa to Wanla village from where it continues over the Prinkiti La at 3700m / 12,410ft and the 5200m / 17,060 ft high Tar La. Excellent views and quaint villages on the route.

KE 4 : Sabu - Khalsar in Nubra Valley : 7 Days

It's a 3 hour walk to Sabu village with its stately poplar trees. From here the trail heads uphill and crossing a sturdy bridge goes through lush pastures and then beside a sparkling stream. The Digar La at 5250m / 17,220ft has to be crossed before emerging into the picturesque Nubra Valley. An extremely scenic trail giving you views of towering snow clad mountains, vast plateaus and the Shyok river valley.

KE 5 : Stok - Martselang : 5 Days

This enchanting trail heads south east from Stok and goes over the Shang La at 4950m / 16,236ft and along the periphery of the Markha valley towards the charming village of Martselang close to the main Manali - Leh highway and the small hamlet of Karu.

KE 6 : Spituk 3200m / 10,500ft to Stok : 3 - 4 Days

This trail by passes the track to the popular Stok Kangri peak and traverses arid terrain and a few streams and crossing the Stok La 4800m / 15,750ft heads down to Rumbak village and then finally to the Spituk village and its famous monastery. Scenic trail with good views all around of the Ladakh ranges.

KE 7 : Markha Valley Trek : 8 - 10 Days

The trail starts from Spituk village and heads towards the Markha village through some of the most scenic areas in Ladakh. A portion of the Hemis High Altitude National Park [4400 Sq.Kms] falls within this route and you are likely to spot Bharal or Blue Sheep and colourful birdlife and certainly the hyperactive marmots. Two passes over 4800m / 15,750ft are crossed besides a few stream and rivers forded as the trail offers you spectacular views of valleys and towering snow clad mountain peaks.

KE 8 : Markha Valley - Stok Kangri Expedition : 13 Days

The Stok Kangri a relatively easy mountain peak climb towers at 6250m / 20,506ft and is ideal for the amateur mountaineer and the seasoned trekker. Ice axes and crampons are essentials on this expedition. The trail winds through quaint villages giving you glimpses of the simple Ladakhi lifestyle. A few streams have to be crossed on this trail before you reach the base camp and start the attempt of this glorious peak.

KE 9 : Lamayuru - Shang : 12 Days

This trans Ladakh trail starts from Lamayuru and winding through river valleys, gorges and pastures lies sandwiched between the Stok and Ladakh mountain ranges. Going from west to east, the trail affords views of mountain peaks and picturesque villages. The trail finally ends at Shang Sumdo with its typical farmhouses and gurgling irrigation channels flowing through a green inviting meadow. From here Karu on the main highway is a mere 8 Kms.

KE 10 : Lamayuru - Darcha : 21 Days

This trail goes through an awesome landscape and involves the crossing of 7 mountain passes and walking through deep river valleys and meadows besides craggy mountain slopes. This is one of the popular trails and gives you interesting views of the typical Zanskari villages and way of life. This trek after crossing the Shingo La at 5100m / 16,278ft emerges into the Lehaul valley of Himachal Pradesh from where its day's drive to the popular hill resort of Manali.

KE 11 : Lamayuru - Padum : 11 Days

This is the first part of the Lamayuru Trek to Darcha with 6 passes to be crossed before you reach Padum. Close by is also the spectacularly located Phuktal monastery within an enormous cave. Excellent views of the Zanskar ranges.

KE 12 : Nubra Valley (Sabu > Nubra > Phyang] 13 Days)

This fascinating trek through the arid region of Leh into the fertile Shyok and Nubra valleys further north gives you insights into two different landscapes. Far to the north you can see the spread of the gigantic Karakorum mountain ranges glistening in the sun, while before you the green patches of the Nubra villages come as welcome relief in an otherwise stark and barren land. This is a circular trek over the Digar La and then back to Phyang near Leh by crossing the Lasirmou La.

KE 13 : Lato - Tso Moriri Lake 13 - 15 Days

This trail goes through the pasture regions of Rupshu valley and the periphery of the Changthang plateau to emerge on the shores of the beautiful Tso Moriri lake ringed by rolling golden brown hills. The cobalt blue lake 65 Kms in circumference is one of the largest water bodies in the Rupshu region.

KE 14 : Rumtse - Tso Moriri Lake 8 - 9 Days

This equally scenic trail through stark yet beautiful mountains skirts the brackish Tso Kar lake and then heads on to the larger Tso Moriri lake. Each day of the trail offers you enthralling views of the surrounding landscape including the sweeping shrub carpeted Changthang plateau home to a number of wild life species including the Tibetan Wild Ass (Kyang), Tibetan Wolf, colonies of marmots and picas, and the ingenious snow leopard. It is here also where the nomadic ChanKEa tribe wander grazing their flocks of Chigu goats.


The entire region of Ladakh enclosed by the Zanskar, Ladakh and Karakorum mountain ranges offers the mountaineer a number of challenging peaks. Especially the Suru and Zanskar valleys have an abundance of them within the Nun Kun massif and a number of other peaks. The Nun towering to 7135m was first climbed in 1913 and Kun at 7087m in 1953. There's also the Drang Drung glacier in the Zanskar range close to the Pensi La pass ringed by a number of magnificent peaks. Some of the other recognised peaks in the massif are the Bobank Peak - 5971m, Pinnacle - 6930m, White-Needle - 6420m, Z-1 - 6155m, D-41 - 5600m, Z-2 - Peak - 6152, besides a number of other unnamed peaks ranging from 5500m to 6509m. The Karakorum range north west of Ladakh has even higher peaks including the Saser Kangri II East 7518m, Plateau Peak 7287m, Saltoro Kangri II 7705m and the Apsaras II and III at 7200m.

The towering STOK KANGRI at 6153 / 20,1818ft, 'a must climb' for all avid mountaineers in the region is located off the Markha Valley Trail. Approached from Stok this graceful mountain dominates the landscape from a distance. Ideal for both amateurs and professional climbers the Stok Kangri Expedition takes a minimum of 4 days to attempt. The Stok Kangri a relatively easy mountain peak climb towers at 6250m / 20,506ft and is ideal for the amateur mountaineer and the seasoned trekker. Ice axes and crampons are essentials on this expedition. The trail winds through quaint villages giving you glimpses of the simple Ladakhi lifestyle. A few streams have to be crossed on this trail before you reach the base camp and start the attempt of this glorious peak.

Kailash Expedition facilitates mountain expeditions by synchronising the ground logistics. Prior permission is required from the Government of India whose liaison agency is the Indian Mountaineering Foundation [IMF] who charge a booking fee according to the region and height of a particular peak. The best months for attempting expeditions are July, August, September and till the middle of October as this entire region falls in the rain shadow. The IMF will provide a Liaison Officer which is mandatory with each climbing team. Please note that you must book at least 4 months in advance as the processing tends to take time. You should also take care to mention all details as required by the IMF. Kailash Expedition will assist in following up your application process and once completed will provide camp and climbing staff according your team's requirements.
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